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Welcome to my website. My name is Michael A. Kozlowski, but you can call me Mike. I’m a writer; mostly of horror and suspense but sometimes I venture off in other directions. I’m a little bit A.D.D. like that.

I was going to write this in third person…you know, like “Michael Kozlowski is the acclaimed author…”, yada-yada-yada. But we’re friends here, right? At least I hope we are…or that we will be. And, while I admit to a bit of an ego and love praise and attention, I try not to be a pretentious asshole.

First, let me tell you about some of the stuff I’ve written.

I have a novella called Above The Clouds that is available from Damnation Books (and probably some other places). It’s more of a psychological suspense story than it is horror proper but, in my opinion, it deals with about the most horrific thing I can imagine.

I’ve published a number of short stories, in various magazines. A good sampling of them can be found in my collection, Some Days Suck, Some Days Suck Worse. The title kind of says it all; don’t expect a lot of happy endings. And, since we’re friends, I’ll tell ya a little secret: Above the Clouds is included in that collection. At this moment, however, the collection is only available electronically and the novella you can get in print (which I’d be happy to sign for you if you want to find a way to get it to me).

I’ve also written a travel book. In fact, it’s one of the first things I had published. It’s part memoir, part history, part cultural investigation and part nature book about Australia. Parts of it are a little dated but it still holds up pretty well. It’s called Life in Australia: All Over the Place Like a Mad Woman’s Breakfast.

I’ve also written one novel, which got excellent reviews from friends and family (my Mom was especially taken with it) but that I wasn’t quite happy with. I’m currently easing my way back through it and I think I’m going to go the self-publish route on it and have it available here, soon. It’s titled Potential and you should bug me about it so that I don’t let it sit around for another few years without seeing the light of day.

Currently, I have several short stories in various states of completion. Some are actually done and need a home, some are somewhere in the middle, a few are only a line or two and (as always) a bunch are gestating in the very strange place in my mind where they like to curl up and get healthy before scratching their way out.

I’ve also written an outline for a twelve issue comic series, two full scripts and, with a very talented artist, completed a “beta copy” of the first issue. It has a zombie theme and continues to be a WIP along with a novelization of the same.

I had a pretty steady blog going for a while (which was a lot of fun) and plan on restarting that. There will be a link to it around here somewhere. It tends to be humor and rants; usually a combination of.

And now, a little about my personal shit…because friends should know a little bit of that stuff about each other (you can tell me yours later).

I’m married to a beautiful and extremely patient and understanding woman named Laurie. Fortunately, she knew I wasn’t quite right long before we got married, so it didn’t come as a shock to her but I have to commend her tolerance. It’s been 23 years of wedded insanity and she’s still around.

We have two boys who, unfortunately for their mother, are way too much like me. Aaron is 19 and Connor is 13. In many ways they are very much alike and, at the same time, can be polar opposites. It’s pretty cool and I enjoy having little versions of myself to do chores and fetch things for me. It’s about as close to cloning as I expect to get in my lifetime.

We also have an overgrown Chihuahua (that’s pronounced chi-hooah-hooah, WKRP fans) named “Charlie” and a black cat named “Loki”.

Our family motto is “Anything worth doing is worth OVER doing” and can be seen in action when we do things like decorate for the holidays. This may have to do with my self-diagnosed O.C.D.

I have way too many hobbies (there’s that A.D.D. thing again) but that’s likely to mean we have something in common. I sing in a band called Savage Bunnies. I dapple with a few different instruments. I went to college for Fine and Graphic Arts. I’m an avid hunter and an ordained minister. Like most writers, I’m a voracious reader. I’m a big sports fan. I’ve owned a few motorcycles and love to ride but don’t currently have one. I have several tattoos. My favorite holiday is Halloween but Christmas runs a close second. My sense of humor is dry and sarcastic and often runs toward vulgar. My favorite word is “fucktard”.

My “real” job keeps me busier than I’d like and has me travelling quite a bit. It has the nasty habit of infringing on my free time but, all in all, I can’t complain because it pays the bills and I get to see some interesting shit which often makes it way into my writing.

So that’s a bit about me. Maybe more than you care to know but there it is. Feel free to follow me on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or whatever the social media site du jour will be tomorrow. And I don’t mind if you want to shoot me a message or an email. I’ll do my best to reply.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you make it a habit. For my part, I’ll do my best dancing monkey impersonation to keep you reasonably entertained.