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Welcome to THE BLOG!

  Welcome to THE BLOG. Muah-ha-ha-ha!

  “Blog” sounds like such a scary thing, I think. Really close to The Blob; fitting for a horror/suspense writer. I should probably have some cool name for the blog but I don’t so this is what you get.

  Actually, I guess it’s The Return of the Blog since I’ve been here before. It’s been a while, though. For those of you returning: thanks for the patience. For those of you that are new: welcome aboard.

  You can find the ‘about me’ stuff on the website or various social media sites so I won’t go into all that. This space will mainly be a forum to let you know what I’ve got going on with the writing, maybe posts some pictures, rant about random shit and whatever other bloggy stuff comes to mind.

  So, just quickly, here’s what’s going on these days:

  I’ve just finished a novel. It’s kind of a post-apocalyptic, zombie thing, with some spy-type shit. There’s a tough guy and a hot chick and a fast car and some sex so it should be an instant best seller, right? I’m currently running through some beta readers and starting to shop it around. I’ll keep you up to date on the progress.

  I’ll be re-issuing the short story collection soon. It will be available on the website and, probably, some other places. I think I’ll also be making individual short stories available (some in the collection, some not) as well as the Above The Clouds novella.

  While they will all be available digitally, I plan on having print copies of the collection handy and, if you’d like one, I’ll even sign it. Of course, if you don’t want me scribbling in your book, that’s okay, too.

  One of the stories in the collection, Traveling Music, is being replaced so, because I’m such a cool guy, I am going to make that available for free. It’s actually one of my favorite stories in the collection but there are some potential issues with copyright (I was a stupider person when I wrote it and, apparently, the publisher was no brighter).

  I’ll be sure to make future blog posts more entertaining. Thanks for visiting!


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